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CVSC Urges Voters to Beware of Attack Ads with False Information

CVSC Urges Voters to Beware of Attack Ads with False Information

COLUMBIA, SC – Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) urges voters to beware of last minute attack ads that distort the truth and distract the conversation from what matters most to South Carolinians: moving our state forward.

In the last several weeks, Lee Bright has resorted to calling CVSC staff “left-wing foot soldiers” and “radical environmentalists.”  He has also doctored official communications of CVSC, used trademarked logos of the organization without authorization, and has incorrectly claimed that CVSC has endorsed a presidential candidate.

“These are scare tactics and voters should reject them. We would hope that Senator Bright would talk straight to voters and explain why he supports giving illegal polluters a free pass when they harm our families and why he kills legislation that would bring more than half a billion dollars of private investment in solar energy and jobs to our state,” said John Tynan, Political Director of CVSC.

CVSC is an independent, statewide, non-profit organization known for its bi-partisan, conservation work. “CVSC endorsed 25 Republicans and 12 Democrats in the June primaries because we recognize that protecting the South Carolina we love is a value shared throughout our state, regardless of political affiliation,” added Ann Timberlake, CVSC Executive Director. “Our donors are local. Our staff is local. Our Board is local. CVSC does not endorse in any federal election. We endorse only state and local candidates who care about our neighborhoods and care about our state.”

“While we are disappointed in Lee Bright spreading false information about CVSC, we are not surprised. Bright’s attack on CVSC is just another item in the long list of lies that he has spread this election cycle about other organizations, his opponent, and his record,” shared Tynan.

In the thousands of conversations that CVSC field staff have had at the door with voters across South Carolina, time and again voters say they want the truth and results from their leaders – not lies. Tynan stated that “we look forward to Tuesday at 7pm when the polls close, the attack lies stop and Scott Talley is elected to move the Upstate forward.”


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