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CVSC and CVSC-PAC Spend Over $750,000 and Drive Over 3 Million Voter Contacts in 2024 Primary and Runoff Elections

COLUMBIA, SC—Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) and CVSC Political Action Committee (CVSC-PAC) invested over $750,000 and drove over 3 million voter contacts in the 2024 primary and runoff elections to support candidates committed to fighting to protect the air, land, and water for the people of South Carolina. For the June 25th primary runoff elections, CVSC-PAC invested in six legislative races through targeted mail, digital ads, texts, phone calls, door-to-door voter contacts, or direct contributions. 

In the primary runoff elections, CVSC drove voter contacts to support:

  • House 9, Blake Sanders (R)
  • House 28, Kerri Smith (R)
  • House 34, JoAnne LaBounty (R)
  • Senate 22, Ivory Thigpen (D)
  • Senate 23, Katrina Shealy (R)
  • Senate 35, Jeffrey Graham (D)

The overarching theme of CVSC and CVSC-PAC’s electoral engagement in the primaries and runoffs was to win open seats as well as defend pro-conservation allies in the House and Senate, such as Senator Katrina Shealy. The goal is to elect pragmatic legislators who will work with their colleagues in the House and Senate to support bold land protection, clean water, and clean energy policies in South Carolina. 

Candidates that CVSC endorsed won big earlier this month in the primaries. CVSC looks forward to these legislators fighting for land conservation and clean air, water, and energy for the people of South Carolina. CVSC endorsed candidates who won their primary elections  on June 11th include:

  • House 15, JA Moore (D)
  • House 22, Paul Wickensimer (R)
  • House 25, Wendell Jones (D)
  • House 26, David Martin (R)
  • House 54, Jason Luck (D)
  • House 70, Robert Reese (D)
  • House 72, Seth Rose (D)
  • House 79, Hamilton Grant (D)
  • House 81, Charles Hartz (R) 
  • House 82, Bill Clyburn (D) 
  • Senate 7, Karl Allen (D)
  • Senate 19, Tameika Isaac Devine (D)
  • Senate 32, Ronnie Sabb (D)
  • Senate 36, Kevin Johnson (D)
  • Senate 40, Brad Hutto (D)

In total, CVSC-PAC drove 2,259,847 voter contacts between May 1 and June 11 in support of endorsed candidates, not including voters who were reached through radio ads. For the primary runoff elections, between June 13-25th, CVSC drove an additional 1,028,991 voter contacts.

A full list of CVSC-endorsed candidates and election results will be available at cvsc.org/elections. Copies of mail creative are available upon request.

2024 Primary & Runoff Elections Spend & Voter Contacts Per Runoff Election Candidate : 

Open Seat Investments:

DistrictParty PrimaryCVSC-Endorsed CandidateTotal Voter ContactsVoter Contact Details
House 9RepublicanBlake Sanders237,927Mail: 53,397 Texts: 18,500 Live Calls: 13,000 Digital: 150,000Doors: 3,030 
House 28RepublicanKerri Smith265,287Mail: 42,257 Texts: 20,000  Live Calls: 10,000  Digital: 190,000 Doors: 3,030
House 34RepublicanJoAnne LaBounty324,122Mail: 56,872 Texts: 21,250Live Calls: 6,000Digital: 240,000
Senate 22DemocraticIvory Thigpen159,667Mail: 54,137Texts: 28,500Live Calls:4,000 Digital: 70,000Doors: 3,030 
Senate 35DemocraticJeffrey Graham42,655Mail: 34,683 Texts: 7,305 Doors: 667 

Incumbent Defense:

DistrictParty PrimaryCVSC-Endorsed CandidateTotal Voter ContactsVoter Contact Details
Senate 23RepublicanKatrina Shealy17,187Mail: 14,271 Texts: 1,250Doors: 1,666
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