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CVSC and CVSC-PAC Make Major Investments in District 42 Primary and Runoff

In the 2023 special election for the South Carolina Senate District 42 primary, Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) and CVSC Political Action Committee (CVSC-PAC) invested over $125,000 in an independent campaign in support of Representative Deon Tedder in the primary and runoff. 

Investments by CVSC and CVSC-PAC appear to have had a significant impact in the election. In a CVSC-commissioned poll conducted on July 19 – 21, Tedder showed 9% support among likely primary voters. Following CVSC and CVSC-PAC investments in the primary, Tedder secured 39% of the primary vote prior to the September 19 runoff.

Through the primary and runoff CVSC and CVSC-PAC invested in a $125,000+ independent expenditure campaign in support of Tedder, knocking on over 6,500 doors, sending over 55,000 pieces of mail, making 4,000 phone calls, and sending 5,000 text messages. For nearly six 6 weeks from early August to September 19, voters were inundated with messages from CVSC and CVSC-PAC informing them of Tedder’s background, qualifications, and leadership experience. 

CVSC endorsed Tedder in mid-July, highlighting his leadership on conservation issues in the South Carolina House in the endorsement. Tedder introduced energy efficiency legislation, organized electric vehicle ride-and-drive events, and maintained a strong voting record in support of the environment. CVSC shared in his endorsement: “Representative Tedder has been more than just a consistent vote for conservation; he has been a conservation leader who has introduced key legislation and built support among his colleagues for environmental action. As we face pressing environmental challenges, his leadership will be instrumental in driving positive change and creating a better future for all residents of District 42 and beyond.”

On September 19, Tedder secured a runoff victory with 50.13% of the vote. 

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