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Conservation Voters of South Carolina Announces Endorsement for Governor

CVSC Endorses Senator Vincent Sheheen for Governor of South Carolina

Today the Board of Directors of Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) announced the endorsement of Senator Vincent Sheheen for Governor of South Carolina.

Jay James, CVSC’s Chairman of the Board said, “You do not have to speak to Vincent for very long to know that his commitment and passion for conservation is from the heart. I am certain he will make our natural resources a priority as governor.”

“We have an obligation to all South Carolinians to inform them of candidates’ records during election season. That responsibility is especially critical when it comes to the gubernatorial race, our most important statewide office,” said Ann Timberlake, CVSC’s Executive Director. “In the governor’s race, the choice could not be clearer—for Senator Sheheen conservation is an important part of his public life and his record reflects that. On the other hand, Governor Nikki Haley has barely given conservation a minute of her attention while in office.”

“Our vast natural resources not only make our state a beautiful place to visit, but keep our economy moving and raise quality of life for families around the state,” Sheheen said. “Real leadership is about presenting a vision for South Carolina’s future and then bringing people together to deliver results — conservation must be a key part of any vision for long-term success. Nikki Haley’s tenure has been a case study in failed leadership and no accountability, and that’s been especially evident in conservation. The Conservation Voters of South Carolina are fighting for the best interests of our state, and I am proud to accept their endorsement today.”

See Sen. Vincent Sheheen’s Conservation Record HERE.

Last month, during her State of the State address, conservation did not merit a single sentence in Governor Haley’s remarks. This was not an aberration. In her first three Years in office, Haley has routinely ignored issues regarding the health of the public and the environment, if not been openly hostile. That’s why she earned a “D” on CVSC’s first Governor’s Report Card.

Haley’s silence has been particularly stark considering:

  • South Carolina has a reputation as the nation’s dumping ground.
  • Neighboring states have outpaced us in solar and wind energy, despite the high potential for both in South Carolina.
  • Our state has for too long had a culture of leniency toward repeat polluters.
  • South Carolina’s natural resources are central to our state’s tourism.

In contrast to Haley, Senator Sheheen has been recognized for his conservation work from groups as diverse as the Parks and Recreation Association and the National Wild Turkey Federation. As a Representative, he led the floor fight to establish the Conservation Bank. He also chaired the Wateree-Catawba Bi-State River Commission and succeeded in helping to protect significant lands on Lake Wateree.

Note: CVSC invited Gov. Haley to meet with our board to discuss her conservation record and goals. She did not respond.

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