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Common Ground on Clean Energy

Conservation Voter,

Clean energy sources like solar and wind are becoming mainstream in South Carolina. The Aiken Standard, in an editorial published yesterday, noted that conservationists and the S.C. Department of Commerce can find common ground on clean energy jobs in South Carolina. CVSC Program Director Alan Hancock pointed out, “There are companies that are coming in that are trying to meet corporate goals for sustainability. In order to achieve those goals, they need state policies that are supportive of clean energies like solar and wind.”

Together we can find ways to ensure that conditions are right for growing South Carolina clean energy businesses, and attracting capital investment and jobs to our state. One part of this effort is ensuring that EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan provides the right mix of incentives for clean and affordable energy in South Carolina.

DHEC will hold an informational session next Thursday, July 24, on the proposal. It will be a great opportunity to learn about how EPA carbon pollution protections will play a part in South Carolina’s clean energy future, and how we all can participate in EPA’s comment period.

Lara Winburn

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