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Close honored for Fort Mill conservation work

Anne Springs Close of Fort Mill was awarded the Conservation Voters of South Carolina Conservation Achievement Award at the sixth annual Green Tie Awards luncheon. The award recognizes residents of South Carolina who help conservation in the state, according to CVSC Executive Director Ann Timberlake. “We agree that conservation is important to both the prosperity of South Carolina and the protection of the environment, so I think it’s important we recognize all people who do that,” Timberlake said.

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CVSC Announces Scorecard and Conservation Counts Tour

On the campaign trail, candidates of both parties often tout the value of farming, forestry, outdoor recreation and tourism to the State’s economy. But who is voting for or against protecting the natural resources that drive South Carolina’s economy? Conservation…

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CVSC Announces the Launch of

Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) announced today the launch of GiveGreenSC which promises to change the landscape of political giving in South Carolina. Since 2004, donors who care about protecting South Carolina’s air, land, water and health have had the option to give directly to Conservation Voters’ PAC, which in turn made contributions to endorsed candidates or financed independent mail campaigns on behalf of candidates. Now, voters can direct their contributions to candidates through GiveGreenSC to signal that they care about conservation. It’s a win-win because Conservation Voters is acknowledged for generating the transaction and the donor is credited by the candidate for giving it.

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2014 Common Agenda: Your guide to taking action on South Carolina’s most pressing conservation issues

Your guide to taking action on South Carolina’s most pressing conservation issues in 2014. The Conservation Common Agenda represents a collaborative effort of more than forty organizations across our state to engage policy makers and the public on important issues affecting our shared natural resources. The goal of this guide is to share information, resources and possible solutions to move us forward.

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Voter ID Requirements for Elections

On Tuesday November 5, towns, cities and counties across the Palmetto State will hold elections. For many, it will be the first election under the new Voter ID guidelines.

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Adviser touts jobs, money as reasons to drill for oil and gas off SC shore

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management estimates there is about 3.3 billion barrels of oil and 31.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas off the East Coast from Maryland to north Florida, but Rayola Dougher wouldn’t be surprised if that 30-Year-old figure is significantly low.

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Lorax of the Upstate

Brad Wyche took up the mantel as The Lorax of the Upstate 15 Years ago in a quest to stem the sprawl that creeps along the spokes that extend from Greenville, the city he’s always called home. Wyche doesn’t speak with the “bossy” demands of the character coined in the Dr. Seuss children’s book. His tone is measured, his manner more that of cooperative negotiator, but like the Lorax, Wyche strives to preserve the forests and waterways for future generations.

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Secret climate report calls for action in SC

A team of state scientists has outlined serious concerns about the damage South Carolina will suffer from climate change – threats that include invading eels, dying salt marshes, flooded homes and increased diseases in the state's wildlife. But few people have seen the team's study. The findings are outlined in a report on global warming that has been kept secret by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources for more than a Year because agency officials say their "priorities have changed."