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Rep. Bill Sandifer (R-Oconee), White (R-Anderson), and Forrester (R-Spartanburg) introduced H.5045 to protect the utilities from potential lost revenue and sabotage efforts to continue growing South Carolina’s solar industry. This bad bill was fast-tracked through subcommittee and committee in one day with no debate about its job-killing implications or the additional cost that would be passed on to energy ratepayers. The timing was also orchestrated to place it directly before the Solar Jobs Bill (see bill pages on H.4421) to pressure solar supporters to seek a compromise. Solar champions didn’t give up, and Reps. Stavrinakis, Ballentine, Clary, Caskey, Williams, and J.E. Smith rose to challenge the bill.

Rep. James Smith made a motion to recommit the bill to committee which would have killed it. Rep. Forrester, a supporter of the bill, made a motion to “table” the motion to recommit. The House voted 51-50 on April 5, 2018 to table the motion to recommit, letting debate on the bill continue. This table motion to recommit vote is the focus of this scored vote.

This was one vote in a series of four votes on H.5045 and a series of 14 votes on H.5045 and H.4421.

While this vote was a loss, the early vote picture allowed our clean-energy champions to work to flip votes on the floor, ultimately allowing a bipartisan coalition of clean energy champions to kill H.5045 through a continuance vote of 61-39. For more information on the continuance vote, Click here.

Killing this bill allowed the House to proceed to debate and discussion on H.4421, the solar jobs bill. Click here for more information on this bill and its associated votes.

  • This is a procedural vote on an Anti-Conservation Bill.
  • The Pro-Conservation Vote was NO for tabling the motion to recommit
  • The bill passed died in the House.
(Table Motion to Recommit)

House House Vote Date:
Apr 05, 2018
Result: 51 - 50

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