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H.3929 was introduced by Representatives Hiott (R-Pickens), Pitts (R-Laurens), Kirby (D-Florence), Yow (R-Chesterfield), Sandifer (R-Oconee), Atkinson (D-Marion), and several others to reduce the ability of neighbors and DHEC to address the negative impacts poultry operations may have on adjacent lands and natural resources. It was yet another attempt to reduce people’s ability to engage in the permitting process and protect their right to a clean and healthy environment. The bill as proposed established a $5,000 filing fee for appeals of poultry permits, eliminated vegetative buffer requirements, limited the number of citizens with ‘standing’ to bring and appeal, and took away DHEC’s discretion in establishing setbacks from water sources.

After much discussion with stakeholders, the House Ag and Natural Resources Committee, led by Chairman Hiott, removed the $5,000 filing fee for appealing a permit and reinserted the requirements for vegetative buffers.

When the bill came to the floor of the House, Rep. Clary introduced over 100 amendments to kill, delay, or improve the bill. In order to limit the number of amendments introduced and the amount of debate on each amendment, the House moved to “invoke cloture” on May 9, 2017, by a vote of 54-44. This vote prevented a prolonged floor fight and weakened the ability of Rep. Clary (R-Clemson) to improve the bill. The cloture vote is the focus of this scored vote.

Ultimately, H.3929 passed the House by a vote of 77-12 (this vote is not scored).

Once in the Senate, Senator Kimpson led a lengthy filibuster in order to secure several amendments and improve the bill. On March 12, 2018, Governor Henry McMaster signed H.3929 into law

  • This is a procedural vote on an Anti-Conservation Bill.
  • The Pro-Conservation Vote was NO for cloture in the House
  • The bill passed the House in 2017, an amended version passed the Senate in 2018 and was agreed to by the House, and the bill was signed into law by the Governor in 2018

House House Vote Date:
May 09, 2017
Result: 55 - 44

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