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After offshore drilling bills stalled in 2019, Senator Campsen wanted to make sure we at least had a way to temporarily block offshore drilling from occurring off the SC coast. South Carolina Senators overwhelmingly approved (with a vote of 40-4) a budget amendment to the budget bill, H.4000, that would block the permitting of onshore infrastructure needed for offshore drilling and seismic testing to occur.

The measure aimed to prohibit the industrialization of our coastline with onshore infrastructure needed to process, store, and transport oil pulled out of the ocean. We thank Senator Campsen for introducing the amendment with a long list of supporters – including Senators Bright Matthews, Malloy, Senn, Harpootlian, Setzler, and Davis, as well as Governor McMaster and Attorney General Wilson.

  • This is a Pro-Conservation Amendment.

Senate Senate Vote Date:
Apr 17, 2019
Result: 40 - 4

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