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Rep. Bill Sandifer introduced H.3592, the LEED Elimination Bill, to delete the use of the LEED green building rating system for new, state building projects starting in 2015. After Rep. J.E. Smith, Walt McLeod, and Laurie Funderburk fought the bill, it passed the House 70-40 before moving onto the Senate for 2014. Sen. Campbell led the crafting of a compromise in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee supported by the conservation community and other stakeholders. The Senate passed the compromise bill with a 40-0 vote. The House ultimately concurred with the Senate compromise, 96-0, leading to its ratification in April 2014.

House version – anti-conservation
Senate version – conservation compromise
Status: Passed


Senate Senate Vote Date:
Mar 26, 2014
Result: 40 - 0

House House Vote Date:
May 23, 2013
Result: 70 - 40

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