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“Flow control,” H.3290 by Rep. Bingham would prohibit local governments from directing the flow of solid waste in their communities. Even with Reps. W.J. McLeod, Edge, Herbkersman, J.E. Smith, and Munnerlyn fighting against the bill, it passed the House 89-28 in 2013.

Sen. Nicholson slowed its progress in the Senate with a Minority Report in April, and Sens. Hembree, Rankin, Cleary, Hayes, McGill, Matthews, and Malloy assisted. In the fall of 2013, the “Don’t Dump on SC” coalition launched a campaign to expose the bill’s true intentions – to bring more out of state waste to South Carolina. This made the bill so toxic that the issue was not brought up for a vote in 2014.

Anti-conservation Bill
Status: Failed


House House Vote Date:
Jan 30, 2013
Result: 89 - 28

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