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H.3945, introduced by Rep. G.M. Smith with many other sponsors, offered better economic disclosure rules, regulation of independent political action committees (PACs), elimination of leadership PACs, and the establishment of a legislative oversight group to handle enforcement. Reps. Quinn, J.E. Smith, Pope, Bernstein, and others worked to improve the ethics bill and it passed the House 113-7.

Sens. Hayes, Courson, L. Martin, Sheheen, and McElveen championed reforms, and the bill was amended several times before passing the Senate. Sent back to the House, the bill went to the Judiciary Committee and passed the House again with several amendments. The Senate voted to non-concur with the House amendments but the House insisted on its version. A conference committee was appointed with Reps. Delleney, Bannister, and Weeks and Sens. Hayes, Rankin, and Hutto. The House adopted the conference committee report, but Sen. Bright filibustered the bill on the last day before Sine Die adjournment, forcing the legislation to die in the Senate without a vote.

Pro-Conservation Bill
Status: Failed


House House Vote Date:
Apr 30, 2013
Result: 101 - 5

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