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H.3847, the E-Waste Recycling bill by Reps. Hiott and Hardwick, sought to rectify the 2010 E-Waste Act that required special handling of electronic waste such as TVs and computers but failed to provide funding for implementation by counties and municipalities. E-waste passed easily in the House in April with a 75-33 vote.

The bill was delayed in 2013 before its final House vote when big trash lobbyists saw its likely passage as an opportunity to attach the language from the stalled flow control bill. Rep. Munnerlyn raised a point of order to prevent a vote. In February, it passed the House with a 108-0 vote without the flow control amendments. The bill then passed the Senate with a 35-3 vote and took effect in early March 2014.

Pro-Conservation Bill
Status: Passed


House House Vote Date:
Apr 24, 2013
Result: 75 - 33

Senate Senate Vote Date:
Feb 20, 2014
Result: 38 - 6

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