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In response to the floods of 2015-2016, Speaker Lucas (R-Darlington) and Representatives Hiott (R-Pickens), V.S. Moss (R-Cherokee), Pitts (R-Laurens), West (R-Anderson), and Crosby (R-Charleston) and several House members introduced H.3218, which sought to update the dam safety law to give DHEC the tools and data necessary to protect citizens, their property, and the environment. The House Ag and Natural Resources Committee worked diligently to study the issue and shepherd the bill through the House. On February 2, 2017, H.3218 passed the House by a vote of 102-1.

H.3218 remained in the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources for the rest of session.

Intense debate and a focus on other issues in the Senate slowed progress of this bill. Rather than abandoning efforts, however, the Senate and House both committed to intense and thoughtful work over the “off-season” to craft legislation supported by a broad array of stakeholders as well as House and Senate members.

Only time will tell if this process bears fruit and if meaningful legislation will be crafted for introduction and adoption in 2019.

  • This is a Pro-Conservation Bill.
  • The Pro-Conservation Vote was YES for passage in the House
  • The bill passed the House in 2017, but stalled and died in the Senate

House House Vote Date:
Feb 01, 2017
Result: 104 - 3

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