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During the Senate debate of the budget bill (H.4000) in 2019, Senator Massey proposed a budget amendment that would have prohibited local communities from adopting ordinances from banning consumer goods – including plastic bags.

Senator Massey’s amendment was an attempt to circumvent the normal process for a bill to be approved by inserting it into the budget. Senator Massey had shepherded a bill (S.394) through committee that would have stripped communities of their ability to ban plastic bags, and he was frustrated that its passage was being stalled on the floor of the Senate.

Thankfully, Senators recognized this attempt to circumvent the normal process and defeated the budget amendment. Passionate speeches and debate were waged by Senators Senn, Davis, Johnson, and Campsen.

Ultimately, the amendment was stopped by a vote to “table” it, thus killing it 27-15. This vote serves as a useful indicator of which Senators support home rule and the right of communities to pass ordinances controlling plastic pollution.

  • This is an Anti-Conservation Amendment.

Senate Senate Vote Date:
Apr 18, 2019
Result: 27 - 15

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