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A part of the 2013 budget bill, H.3710, Section 53 provided full funding for the Conservation Bank in 2013 with projections set at $9.5 million and an additional $5 million for projects in the lower Savannah River basin from a legal settlement.

The House Ways and Means Committee overwhelmingly rejected a motion to redirect half of the Bank’s funding to beach renourishment, and we credit these Representatives for defending the Bank: Reps. Allison, Anthony, Bingham, Clyburn, Cobb-Hunter, Edge, Herbkersman, Hosey, Huggins, Limehouse, Merrill, Neal, Ott, Pitts, Simrill, Skelton, J.R. Smith, Stavrinakis, and Whitmire. The floor budget vote was overwhelmingly for the Bank at 102-7.

The Senate also approved the funding by 37-6.

Pro-conservation bill
Status: Passed


House House Vote Date:
Mar 11, 2013
Result: 102 - 7

Senate Senate Vote Date:
May 28, 2013
Result: 37 - 6

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