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Coal ash is a dangerous waste product of coal-fired power plants containing toxic arsenic and lead that can cause breathing problems and contaminate groundwater, lakes, and streams— threatening the health of our families and the environment. An out of state waste company tried to dump tons of coal ash in a Pickens County landfill intended for construction waste like tree stumps and old cement. Representative David Hiott (House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee Chair), Senator Larry Martin (Senate Judiciary Chair), Representative Gary Clary, and Representative Neal Collins responded to citizen concerns about the threat of coal ash pollution and introduced bills to prohibit coal ash from being dumped in class 2 (unlined) landfills and require disposal in safer class 3 landfills. The Senate version of the bill (S.1061) was ultimately adopted with unanimous support in both chambers, with the House passing the bill 101-1 and 39-0 in the Senate.


House House Vote Date:
Feb 10, 2016
Result: 109 - 0

Senate Senate Vote Date:
Feb 18, 2016
Result: 39 - 0

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