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H.3909 was developed by the Palmetto Cycling Coalition to promote bike and pedestrian safety in South Carolina. The bill dealt with technical issues not currently addressed in state law and cleaned up outdated and confusing language affecting bicyclists and pedestrians.

The bill had the support of the Palmetto Cycling Coalition, AARP, Bosch Industries, the Coastal Conservation League, SC Children’s Trust and numerous other national and state-­‐level cycling organizations, but was stalled in the Senate because of opposition to increased penalties for motorists who cause the death of a cyclist or pedestrian. When this was removed, the bill moved forward with a few days left in the session. Senator Corbin objected to the bill for two weeks, but it finally passed the Senate on the last day of the session. When the House took it up (with only thirty minutes left until adjournment), the bill looked ripe for passage. Rep. Loftis, however, waited until the final minutes of session to use parliamentary procedures to effectively kill the bill.


House House Vote Date:
Mar 25, 2015
Result: 88 - 1

Senate Senate Vote Date:
May 21, 2016
Result: 40 - 2

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