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Contact Your Legislator

Use this link to look up your elected officials and share with them what issues you care about as a Conservation Voter.

Expand SC’s Rcreational Trail Systems

Contact your legislator to support H.3121, which would provide an income tax credit to property owners who add a voluntary, perpetual trail easement to their properties.

Secure Funding to Protect SC’s Public Lands

Contact your legislator to support H.3786, which would restore the Deed Stamp funding mechanism to the South Carolina Conservation Bank Trust Fund, thereby utilizing the state’s real estate market to ensure vital funding for the protection and management of public lands.

Support the Energy Efficiency Improvement Bill

Contact your legislator to support H.4282, which would help reduce energy bills for SC families while creating a cleaner power grid.

Support the Alternative Fuels Tax Credit Bill

Expanding this credit will incentivize the installation of EV charging stations and provide electric vehicles the same incentives already available to higher emission fuels like natural gas and propane.