Quotation Author PortraitConservation uses multiple tools to protect the South Carolina you love. CVSC advocates for pro-conservation legislation at the State House, holds elected officials accountable with a biennial Scorecard, and endorses and helps elect conservation leaders through an affiliated PAC. CVSC shares administrative resources with the separate, tax-deductible CVSC Education Fund that conducts grants and hosts the conservation community's Common Agenda.
- John Tynan, Executive Director

At Conservation Voters, we are structured in a way to make our electoral, lobbying, voter education, programmatic activities efficient and productive.

We are three organizations:

Together, these organizations, playing equally vital but different roles, protect the South Carolina you love.









Conservation Voters of SC (CVSC)


Conservation Voters of South Carolina makes conservation and environmental issues a top priority among South Carolina’s elected leaders, political candidates, and voters. Conservation Voters is the only bipartisan, nonprofit statewide organization holding elected leaders directly accountable for a safe, clean and healthy South Carolina.Governed by a Board of Directors that includes Republicans, Democrats and Independents, Conservation Voters is unique from other conservation organizations by our ability to make endorsements, contribute to candidate campaigns and communicate directly with voters about the need to elect the best conservation candidate in their district. Electoral activity is conducted through Conservation Voters Political Action Committee (PAC), which is supported by the members of Conservation Voters.

Conservation Voters works throughout the Legislative Session to educate elected leaders and the public, and to promote legislation that protects our natural heritage and our special way of life. Conservation Voters is able to hold elected leaders directly accountable by tracking their votes and publishing them in our biennial Scorecard.

Structure and Funding:
CVSC is a statewide 501(c)(4) nonprofit bipartisan organization. Donations are not tax-deductible. CVSC is governed by a volunteer board of directors.

Conservation Voters of South Carolina Education Fund (CVSCEF)cvsc_edfund_logo_for_content

Conservation Voters of South Carolina Education Fund is dedicated to maximizing the participation of conservation minded citizens in public policy decisions made at the state and local levels regarding South Carolina’s environment and natural resources. Since 2004, Conservation Voters Education Fund has hosted the Conservation Common Agenda. The Common Agenda uses a consensus approach to setting annual Legislative Priorities supported by  statewide conservation organizations representing over 40,000 members. Conservation Voters Education Fund publishes educational tools and hosts regional projects to better inform decision makers and the public about state and local environmental issues.

Key Programs:

Structure and Funding:
CVSCEF is a statewide 501(c)(3) nonprofit bipartisan organization. Donations are tax-deductible. CVSCEF is governed by a volunteer board of directors.

Resource Sharing Agreement:
CVSCEF reimburses CVSC for services based on the proportion of time expended on behalf of CVSCEF’s educational programs. (Legal contract for sharing personnel, equipment, and facilities)

Conservation Voters of South Carolina Political Action Committee (CVSC PAC)

Conservation Voters of South Carolina Political Action Committee is committed to recruiting and educating candidates, re-electing proven conservation champions, helping qualified candidates in open seats and challenging anti-conservation incumbents. In past elections, we have endorsed 20-40 candidates in both Republican and Democratic primaries and the general election with a success rate of better than 70%.

CVSC PAC gives only to candidates running for state or local office (not federal) endorsed by the CVSC Board. When races merit spending beyond the legal contribution limits, the PAC may opt to fund an “Independent Expenditure” that is not coordinated with the candidate.

Structure and Funding:
CVSC PAC is a statewide bipartisan political action committee organization. Donations are not tax-deductible. Current Ethics laws allow unlimited contributions to the CVSC PAC. We voluntarily file donation reports quarterly with the Ethics Commission.