The power of Conservation Voters comes from our supporters and members. A Conservation Voter holds their legislators accountable for their conservation votes. No two voters are alike, so we like to celebrate our different viewpoints by highlighting our Conservation Voters. Are you a Conservation Voter? Please share your story with us by emailing

I Am A Conservation Voter: Adam F. Naughton

Adam F. Naughton

In my decade of professional experience, I’ve learned there is only one surefire recipe for success. It goes like this: Try. Implement. Analyze. Learn. Try again. Improve. Grow.

My passion lies in taking that perspective and using it to effectively communicate with voters about the importance of fighting for clean air, land, water and energy.

My environmental clarion call was during the 2008 elections when climate change truly emerged at the forefront of the debate, and when it became apparent that we could no longer ignore the fact that CO2 emissions were increasing at a startling and uncontrollable rate.

I became active in a number of conservation causes. I knew that someday I would have to tell my children and grandchildren about this moment in history… and I knew that I wanted to be able to say I did my part to fight the good fight and make their world a better place.

And then, last year, atmospheric concentrations of CO2 passed 400 parts per million. I knew I wasn’t doing enough. I had to do more. So, I did.

Today, I’m putting my professional skills to work full-time in the cause of combating climate change and protecting our natural environment as CVSC communications coordination.

Meet More Conservation Voters


I Am A Conservation Voter: Carolee Williams

My passion is working to make meaningful connections throughout the Lowcountry on all things related to clean air, water and energy, plus land conservation.
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I am a Conservation Voter: Annie Cheevers

While attending the University of South Carolina, I had the chance to explore this incredible state and see all that we had to protect. I was filled with awe at the many stunning sites of undisturbed nature across the state.
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Logan Briggs

I am a Conservation Voter: Logan Briggs

The education that CVSCEF provides to conservationists around the state is an incredible resource and I can’t wait to see our community grow. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this movement and I’m excited about the impact we can all have together.
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I Am A Conservation Voter: John Tynan

Unless we elect good leaders, educate them, and hold them accountable, I realized that my conservation work wouldn’t have the impact I wanted.
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I Am A Conservation Voter: Max Ciarlone

My concern for the environment began in 4th grade when my teacher showed us the “Inconvenient Truth” video and explained how Atlanta was going to run out of water soon unless everyone conserved water.
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I Am A Conservation Voter: Charles Buist

Those years I spent near the coast made me love and appreciate what we have in South Carolina. Now, I use every opportunity to get back to the coast; and I cannot wait to move back.
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I Am A Conservation Voter: Jay Crowder

I wasn’t always a Conservation Voter, but I am now. I see the value in the environment, and I know that we can make a difference together to protect the South Carolina we love.
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I Am A Conservation Voter: Alex George

When I was little I was all about animals. I ran around catching lizards, tadpoles, and insects. I remember exploring a local creek with my dad and climbing on what we called “rhino rock” on the Saluda River.
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I Am A Conservation Voter: Alan Hancock

One of the things I learned at DHEC is that we need elected officials committed vigorous enforcement. We also need elected officials committed to writing new laws that deal with today’s problems.
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I Am A Conservation Voter: Lara Winburn

I want to protect the South Carolina we love for my children and for yours. And I believe together we can.
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I Am A Conservation Voter: Shawn Drury

If there is one thing I’ve learned about natural resources, it’s that once they are altered, it becomes very difficult to get them back to their original state. When we protect them, we are not just protecting our memories, we are protecting those of our children and grandchildren.
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I Am A Conservation Voter: Rebecca Haynes

I've been a tree-hugger since the beginning, and I'm not afraid to claim it. Growing up with a zookeeper mom, I received a national environmental award from Firestone Tires when I was eight.
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