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Conservation Voters of South Carolina

We’re a statewide organization that has been holding elected leaders directly accountable for a safe, clean, and healthy South Carolina since 2003.

What is CVSC?

Conservation Voters of South Carolina holds our state legislators accountable for their conservation votes and actions.

We use all the tools at our disposal to advance conservation policy in the South Carolina General Assembly, including grassroots advocacy, direct lobbying, and electoral engagement. CVSC is a 501(c4) organization with an affiliated Political Action Committee (PAC). We partner closely with a sister organization, Conservation Voters of South Carolina Education Fund. 

Our Vision

Our vision for South Carolina is one where natural resources are recognized as an irreplaceable part of our economy, history, and culture — and where economic development and conservation goals align.

Our Mission

CVSC fights for our air, land, water, and energy through bipartisan and pragmatic political action, making conservation and environmental issues a top priority among South Carolina’s elected leaders, political candidates, and voters.

Our Impact

CVSC 2020-2024 strategic plan prioritizes passage of clean energy, land protection, and water quality policies, conservation; building a conservation majority in the General Assembly; strengthening the conservation movement in South Carolina; and ensuring all of our efforts are rooted in racial justice and equity.