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At the Statehouse – Taking Action for a Clean & Healthy Environment for All

As we reflect today on the work of Dr. King and all of those who have fought tirelessly to make this world a better place for all citizens, we’re reminded of the power of community action. True change – whether in politics, policy, or society – cannot occur unless communities come together, share their vision for a better world, and take action to call for this change.

On this day of service and community action, we wanted to update you on the most recent happenings at the Statehouse and let you know how you can take action TODAY to fight for a clean and healthy environment for all.

As always, you can visit our Legislative Action Center for the latest and most urgent actions this session.

TAKE ACTION: Save the Automatic Stay

Remember our fight over the last Year to protect the automatic stay that stops work from proceeding while a permit is being challenged? This tool is an important pause button that protects our communities and natural resources from irreparable harm before a final permit decision is made. We believe that the state should be making it easier for citizens to engage in the permitting process – not harder.

The Senate version of a bill that would roll back the Automatic Stay, S.105, is in the House Judiciary Committee this Tuesday while the House version of the bill, H.3565, is awaiting a vote on the House floor. Please TAKE ACTION TODAY to tell your Representatives to oppose S.105 and H.3565.

TAKE ACTION: Fight Offshore Drilling in the SC Senate

Despite federal authority over offshore drilling decisions and despite widespread opposition up and down the South Carolina coast to drilling activities, Senators are considering wading into the offshore drilling debate.

Senator Goldfinch filed S.712 to place a leading, biased question on the primary ballot asking voters about their support of offshore drilling in SC. Not only do we have questions about the legality of this bill, but we see it is a direct assault on what every coastal community has already clearly expressed – they do not want offshore drilling.

S.712 will be heard in a Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee this ThursdayTAKE ACTION and ask your Senator to vote against S.712. Offshore Drilling will affect every South Carolinian – regardless if you live on the coast or not. Take a stand and help protect our coasts.

Protect Home Rule (and fight plastic pollution)

Last Year, the conservation community was able to stall a bill that would strip local communities of their ability to find local solutions to local plastic pollution problems. This Year, the bill is back on the House calendar and could move at any point. We delayed a vote last week, which is a good thing, but we need to keep up the pressure.

TAKE ACTION and defend your right to implement local solutions to plastic pollution.

Energy Reform

The conversation on how to reshape the energy landscape in SC started quickly this past week. The lobby was abuzz with conversations about the proposed Dominion-SCANA acquisition as well as NextEra’s presence in the state. The Senate discussed energy reform for the first day of session, with some Senators stressing action and others stressing the need to be deliberative and thoughtful. In addition, the SC Energy Caucus met this week and elected Rep. Ott (D-Calhoun) and Rep. Ballentine (R-Richland) as co-chairs to the new caucus. They discussed the opportunities now ahead of us as we chart a path towards a clean and responsible energy future.

To read more about our conservation priorities for this session, please review our 2018 legislative hotlist summary here.

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