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725 Days

If you’re like me, Election Day was a late night. I went to bed at 1:30am and still did not know the outcome for many of our local, state, and national races. With high turnout, most of the results weren’t finalized until 2am or later.

When I woke early on Wednesday, I learned that candidates endorsed by Conservation Voters had great success here in South Carolina. Every single one of our endorsed candidates for State House and State Senate won their general election contests. Their success shows that leaders and voters within both parties care about clean air, clean water, and clean energy. With these wins, we have continued to build upon our bipartisan majority for conservation. For a listing of our endorsed candidates, visit our endorsements page.

But with the elections over, our work now shifts to the next 725 days – the amount of time until the next election for state legislative offices.

That’s 725 days to advocate for protecting the air, land, and water you love. That’s 725 days to hold our elected leaders accountable. That’s 725 days to educate, engage, and empower citizens to make a difference for conservation. That’s 725 days to recruit and train candidates for state and local offices so that we can build a deep bench of conservation champions within both parties across the state.

Most importantly, that’s 725 days to get involved – and stay involved.

If you want to do something for conservation right now, visit CVSC’s new Action Center and sign up to stay plugged in to efforts to reauthorize the Conservation Bank, sign our petition to break down barriers to solar energy growth, and get involved in work to protect our rivers.

For the next 725 days and beyond, Conservation Voters will be working to engage citizens across the state and from all walks of life in our efforts. Will you join us in the fight for the air, land, and water we all love in South Carolina?

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